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For almost 20 years, AlumiTubs has produced aluminum-lined, wood-fired (a.k.a. “off-grid”) cedar hot tubs that are handmade and fully recyclable, using locally sourced materials. From the company’s headquarters in Sechelt, B.C., the tubs have been sent to international customers “on and off the map,” including many remote locations. The hot tubs can be transported in a standard truck bed, and because each hot tub weighs only 220 lb., they can be towed easily by water, even by kayak. Once unloaded, one or two people can roll the tub into position and, within hours, the first soak can be enjoyed. 

Two sizes are available: six-foot diameter ($5,095, seating up to five, holding 450 gallons) or seven-foot diameter ($6,195, seating up to eight, holding 650 gallons), with water reaching 38 inches deep. When the tubs are full, they can weigh up to 6,500 lb. The water can be heated fully in two to five hours, and can maintain 104°F or higher on just a few pieces of wood each day. The insulated, marine-grade aluminum lining is leakproof, enhances heat retention, allows for salt water use and requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. 

The chimney requires a 10-ft. clearance from any objects, but the enclosed, submerged firebox allows the system to pass most fire regulations, and it is even safe to touch under water. On request, the hot tubs also can be outfitted to run on propane or natural gas. Filtration is optional, but not necessary; regular water changes are recommended, depending on frequency of use. Non-abrasive soap with water is all that’s needed to clean the lining.

Due to increasing demand, orders are already booked into next year.  


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