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The first question you might ask about Foon Skis is, “Why ‘Foon’?” That’s the nickname of founder and lead craftsman Johnny “Foon” Chilton. Since 2011, Johnny and his team in Pemberton, B.C., have handcrafted their custom skis from locally sourced Coast Mountain yellow cedar and Western big leaf maple.

Sustainability is an integral factor to everything that Foon Skis does. Part of how the company measures success is by lowering its environmental impact, so they’re constantly evaluating the materials used to make the skis (from locally sourced solid wood, if you please; no glued strips here), while doing everything they can to reduce their manufacturing footprint. The company also donates one percent of all sales to environmental charities.

Foon Skis even promises that all the wood offcuts they generate are used to heat Johnny’s house through the winter – something that should make everyone feel a little warmer inside.

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