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Meet a modular cabin that can be placed just about anywhere in the world.

A cabin in the woods provides a place to escape, find peace of mind, or connect with nature—particularly if you reside in a bustling urban center for most of the year.
With many people spending the last two years in lockdown and various forms of isolation, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, a little escape can go a long way.
Space of Mind—designed by Finland’s Studio Puisto—is a reimagined cabin for people to think, recharge, and unwind. It was initially developed in response to the pandemic, as many people were spending much more time at home than they
ever had before. The architects wanted to redefine the collective notion of a “home away from home” to reflect the limited range for travel.
The modular 10-sq.m cabin can be sited anywhere—a backyard, a rooftop terrace, or even a nearby forest—and situated almost anywhere in the world. It’s light enough to be transported by crane or helicopter with a resilient foundation that supports almost any site.
The architects—aware that peace of mind looks different for everyone—considered this aspect when designing the structure. Versatility and adaptability are integral to the design. The outer wooden structure has a simple, universal appeal, while the interior can be modified to suit individual needs and preferences. In one application, a gym; in another, a home office. Custom furniture attaches to the rungs in the interior.
The cabin is also an exemplar in showing efficient use of
space. The architects wanted to convey in the design how even a minimal space can offer individuals the headspace to enjoy what matters most.
Not insulated, Space of Mind allows a connection to the raw, natural elements and ever-changing weather conditions. Constructed of ecologically sourced Finnish wood, the mass timber cabin can withstand even the harshest of Arctic winters and remain aesthetically cozy and nest-like inside through its warm wooden tones and colors.

Studio Puisto
Helsinki, Finland
Archmospheres, Marc Goodwin
London, England

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