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Don’t judge a book by its cover – especially when it comes to buildings. Often, the exterior is merely a hint at what’s inside.

As we started working on this issue, we looked back at recent Wood Design Award submissions and discovered more than enough inspiration to fill a few magazines. Last year’s winners were featured in the Spring/Summer 2021 issue, but there were many outstanding buildings that didn’t make the final cut – and countless photos of winning projects that couldn’t be included due to space constraints (even with an expanded section).
A treasure trove of almost 180 entries in 2020 – and close to 150 in 2019 – displayed many inspiring uses of wood, whether structural or aesthetic, polished or rugged, modern or classic. Among recent award entries, outstanding interiors were the norm. Here are some of our favorites.

Sleek Finishes

Impeccable detailing and tactile surfaces are even richer with wood.

Rustic Charm

It goes without saying that wood is often chosen for its “rustic” effect. Live-edge surfaces, natural finishes and hand-cut beams add to the overall sense of craftsmanship, while honoring the tradition of wood construction. 

Indoor-Outdoor Living

The ultimate biophilic experience, along with using wood, is to maximize views to the outdoors. Open-concept plans combined with large-scale glazing are particularly effective at creating visual access to nature.

Community Connections

Natural wood seems to glow from within when it is well-lit, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A growing number of institutions are choosing wood construction for it’s aesthetic appeal as well as it’s practical advantages. 

Luxurious Kitchens

A classic material for cabinets, wood is being used in innovative ways to create function and beauty in the most loved rooms at home.

Bathroom Retreats

Long associated with saunas and outdoor hot tubs, wood is an essential component in any “home spa” experience. Its versatility suits a wide variety of applications and aesthetics.

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