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The story begins with a group of friends – all former baseball players – who would often hang out, enjoy some brews and talk baseball. One day, an idea popped up: what if you could take the beauty of a baseball bat and turn it into a mug? This idea was the seed for the invention of the Bat Mug and, soon after, the five friends founded Lumberlend Co. The sports-inspired mugs are crafted by hand from birch. The wood is carefully sanded and checked for imperfections, coated with paint for a customized touch, or sent to a laser engraver. The mug can hold 12 oz and is coated with an eco-friendly epoxy which means it can hold any beverage of any temperature. The mugs have been hitting it out of the park, selling more than 15,000 over the course of 22 months to major leaguers and armchair athletes alike.

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