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MicroPro, a small computer design and manufacturing company in Ireland, has won global recognition for its “green” computers. This year it introduced the iameco D4R (Design 4 Reuse) laptop, a truly low-waste, high-performance computer with a carbon footprint that is 70 percent less than the average PC; hazardous materials are reduced to a minimum and replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives. To achieve this, not surprisingly, the plastic frame has been replaced with wood, sourced from sustainable forests and furniture industry offcuts. There’s no tropical hardwood here.

Developed with high-level partners in industry and academia, the D4R laptop also uses fewer parts and is a modular design to allow for upgrades, extending the computer’s life to an estimated 10 years, while mitigating the impact of planned obsolescence. Almost all of its components are recyclable, resulting in official EU Eco Flower certification. The company also produces a touchscreen wood-frame computer and accessories: a computer mouse is available in solid ash, beech or oak, and keyboards can be ordered in sapele, ash and beech.


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