Wooden Vases with a Twist

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German architect and wood researcher Oliver David Krieg – an expert in computational design and digital fabrication, currently the Director of Technology at LWPAC in Vancouver – has released his first product design project, Aestus, which is a series of stratified vases that merge art and engineering. Industrial seven-axis robots carve the vases from hundreds of layers of beech plywood, to create a unique texture and shape that blends both modern and traditional aesthetics and design qualities. The series is made up of four vases that are functional and durable – a stainless steel inset marks the lip, and also works as a water repository and a setback platform at the bottom. The largest of the four is constructedwith 540 layers of veneer and stands 110 cm. tall. Krieg founded his design company “to explore the complexity of natural materials and the elegant precision of digital manufacturing.”

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