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A temporary installation provided a place for residents of an Italian town to gather outdoors.

The historic town of Lugo, in the northern Italian province of Ravenna, added a touch of the modern in June.
Architects’ collective Orizzontale—in partnership with Italian door and window manufacturer Edilpiù—designed a circular wood installation, named LuOgo (Italian for place).
Situated at the bottom of the 14th-century Italian bastion fortress Rocca Estense (which now houses municipal services), LuOgo was created to foster communal gatherings in the town throughout the summer.
“The main square of Lugo is a monumental space….At the same time, this large, orderly, and measurable space is crossed daily by discontinuous and unpredictable flows,” said Margherita Manfra, one Orizzontale’s founders. “In this dialectic between the defined urban context and the incessant transformation dictated by the human factor, ephemeral architecture finds a new typicality and new forms of expression.”
LuOgo is an intimate yet public area in which citizens can enjoy “living” outdoors in this open-air room. Simple and functional modules, which made the construction site accessible to everyone, were combined to create a singular yet heterogeneous piece.
Within the circle itself were yellow wooden benches and red sling-style beach chairs running the perimeter. They all faced toward a raised wooden mini stage in the center. On the outside, shading sheets and metal nets covered in foliage provided protection between the interior and exterior.
Adorned with swings and slides to encourage play and movement, and equipped with LED lighting, LuOgo was accessible day or night for residents of the town to gather and hold events such as concerts, performances, and talks.
As a shared space, LuOgo brought the community back into the collective spaces of a small urban center.

Rome, Italy
Gianluca Gasperoni
Ravenna, Italy

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