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This modular mass timber hotel exemplifies the spirit of urban renewal – and sustainable design

Ludwigsburg, Germany

Located in an urban area that had been neglected, the Hotel Bauhofstrasse is a transformative project in Ludwigsburg, a city less than 10 miles north of Stuttgart. The hotel was designed intentionally to fit in with the city’s historical buildings, which inform the hotel’s height and scale.

The exterior, covered in white Eternit plates, conceals the building’s essential structure, which is primarily wood. -Modules produced in Austria – using computer-cut CLT panels for walls, floors and ceilings – were installed onsite within five working days, comprising a total of 55 guest rooms. This technique bypassed the problematic issue of inclement weather, which could have had a negative effect on the construction timeline.

More importantly, this is the first carbon-neutral building in Ludwigsburg; every detail was considered in terms of efficiency and sustainability. The interior features exposed beech wood, creating a warm ambiance in the minimalistic spaces. Local craftsmen designed the solid ash bar, counters and tables, while the parquet flooring is made of the same wood.

Sited on a slope, the north-facing basement rooms take advantage of street access for services such as waste disposal, bicycle rentals and laundry delivery; together with the ground floor, this level forms a solid base for the prefabricated modules, while a concrete stairwell enhances stability.

More than 15,500 cu.ft. of locally produced wood used for the hotel’s construction results in approximately 880 tons of CO2 storage. Along with making a design statement, the architect’s mission was to highlight the ease and efficiency of using sustainable materials, such as mass timber, to create a healthy, welcoming environment that can attract visitors for many years to come. 


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Stuttgart, Germany


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Dornbirn, Austria


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Reuthe, Austria


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Stuttgart, Germany

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